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Premium Membership - Monthly

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Premium Members Will Receive:

10% off your entire order, including postage. After a year of loyalty this increases to 15%! 

Your choice of monthly subscription box:

Either a "Trio" Box with all three flavours of Pleco Pops!

~ or ~

"Leafy" box with two packets of Pleco Pops! and two surprise aquarium plants! 

You will be charged monthly and can cancel at any time. Continuous loyalty results in exclusive rewards!

The subscription boxes are posted on the first Monday of the month - if there's a bank holiday it will be the following Monday. 

The secret discount passcode changes monthly and is sent out with the box. It is unique to each person. If you have subscribed and would like to take advantage of the discount before you get your box just send us a message and we will send you the passcode! 


Pleco Pops! Powder Mix © Gel Food ~ 40g Pouch

No fish meal, no additives, no fillers. Just nutrition straight from nature.  

Simply mix up with some boiling water from the kettle to achieve a smooth, gummy-bear like gel food that's sure to bring all of your plecos out of their hiding places! 

Once mixed up you can pour the gel into moulds or other containers. Store in the fridge - it will stay fresh for up to 2 weeks. 

We recommend feeding Pleco Pops! © as part of a healthy varied diet from a mixture of foods - although we know this is amazing nutrition for your fish, variety is the spice of life! 

Top Tips!

  • For fish that need to gain weight, mix it up quite strong. This will make a very firm gel.
  • It doesn't dissolve in water very quickly at all - if there's still some left then the fish haven't eaten all of it, so check your portion sizes. 
  • It does need a good mix - but stir gently to avoid mixing air into it. Use a spatula, spoon or even just a butter knife will work just fine. 
  • If bubbles appear it might float - give the bottom of the container a good firm tap on a hard surface to get all the air to the top which you can then skim off and/or pop once cooled. 
  • You can mix up a thin slab that's more diluted as more of a slow release to keep grazing species with a high metabolism busy for hours.
  • You can freeze the mixture, however once defrosted the texture is a bit different. It's perfectly safe to feed but we recommend feeding it while still frozen. It will float and then sink relatively quickly but they hold their shape better than defrosting and then trying to get them in the tank. Make sure it's portioned out before defrosting - don't thaw and re-freeze, it will go to mush. 


Packaging 100% recyclable 

Free postage on all food orders (Post sent Monday to Friday)

This food is hand made in small batches for quality and freshness. Please allow 2-3 working days in case we need to whip some more up! 

Pleco Pops! Powder Mix © In The Bag! Tropical Fish UK. All rights reserved.