Lou's Recommendations

None of this is sponsored, this is just a list of my own personal recommendations of stuff that actually works. These are all the medications, filters and other bits and pieces that I use all the time in the fish room ~ Lou

These are associates links so we make a tiny commission if you buy anything using these links. 


Waterlife Myxazin - for Bacterial and Fungal issues.


Waterlife Protozin - for White Spot, Epistylis, Velvet etc. If it's velvet, black the tank out as it is light sensitive. 


Cloverleaf Levimasole Wormer - For internal parasites (worms) flukes, tapeworm Cysts etc. This is safe for shrimp and the majority of snails but triple check before use.


Pawfly Sponge Filters - I mostly use the 20cm ones.


Terracotta Watering Stakes (use them as Pleco Caves!) 

I recommend Hygger equipment for lights, heaters etc.