• Who are we?

    We are a small family run specialist focused on L# Plecos, Cories, Whiptails and other unusual catfish. We have a somewhat old fashioned approach to fishkeeping while keeping a firm view on a sustainable future for this hobby.

    We are passionate about the fish species that your average fish shop won't carry and strive to provide an outstanding level of customer service with a personal touch.

  • Ethically Sourced and Cared For

    From the moment the fish arrive they are treated with the same care and attention that they would receive in your home aquarium. We keep them in specially designed tanks and feed individual diets tailored to their needs.

    We do not import fish from companies that entertain questionable practices (such as hybrids, tattooed, deformed and/or dyed animals) nor do we import species that are unsuitable for home aquaria. We also work in co-operative with master breeders and hobbyists who produce exceptional juvenile fish.

  • Highest Quality

    All our fish are quarantined for a minimum of 14 days and all fish are wormed and treated for parasites as part of our onboarding procedure.

    We handle biosecurity extremely carefully and pride ourselves in our procedures to ensure your fish are in excellent health. Our tanks all have separate filtration, heating and equipment. We will only sell fish that are healthy, eating and acting as they should.

    License no. PET0019