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Two Saddle Cories (Corydoras Weitzmani) GROUPS of 5

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Care Guide:

Two Saddle Cories

Corydoras Weitzmani 

Captive Bred - Indonesia

Size: 3cm+

Adult Size: 5cm+

Temperature: 22 - 25°C

Diet: Frozen and live foods, flakes, sinking pellets and granules 

Habitat: These originally come from habitats which source from glacier meltwater; so cool streams and tributaries. Pebbles, branches and leaf litter over a soft clean substrate will suit them well. Alternatively a suitably temperate planted aquarium will do just fine. 

Providing small overhangs and caves will give them safe refuge and encourage them to come out more. 

These will unfortunately not thrive with fish species that need warmer water, such as Discus.