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L349 Green Spotted Bristlenose Pleco (Ancistrus sp. Rio Momon)

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Care Guide:

They act pretty much the same as your normal Ancistrus sp. but even from a distance this wild variant has a much more streamlined body than the captive bred lines. On the males, the spots on the head are a beautiful lime and emerald iridescent green. The females have much smaller spots that are more concentrated  on their head; it's a very different look. Interestingly their eyes also have a red/orange look to them. Definitely breeding size and males are already trying to lure females into their caves.

L349 Green Spotted Bristlenose Pleco
Ancistrus sp. "Green Spot"

Wild caught from Peru

Max Adult Size: 10 - 12cm (3.9 - 4.7”)

Temperature Range: 21 – 28 C

PH Range: 6.5 – 7.5

Water Hardness: 2– 25 dGH

Flow Rate: Ideally fast flowing, however they are hardy to lower oxygen levels and will only really struggle in very still aquariums.

Diet: Grazes on the biofilm and algae around the aquarium and will benefit from wood and other organic structures. They will however take a variety of prepared foods. As a treat, they enjoy green vegetables like courgette and cucumber, as well as meaty foods like mussels and prawns.

Breeding: Easy, but a cave is required. This needs to be just the right width for the male to block the female in, and must be closed at one end.

Notes: Bristlenoses have very spiky protusions behind their gill plates which they stick out when stressed/fighting. These will get stuck in a net very easily and hurt if they scratch or stab yoy. Be very cautious while handling.