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L128 Blue Phantom Pleco

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L128 Blue Phantom Pleco


Wild Caught 
Size: 3cm+
Max Adult Size: 18cm+
Temperature Range: 26-30 C
PH Range: 6.0 - 7.0
Diet: The best foods for these are Soilent Green and Super Green. These are grazers which feast on periphyton ("aufwuchs") and algae as well as anything else that happens to drift by. We've found they're also quite fond of courgette, peas, mushrooms and sweet potato as well. Cucumber and lettuce aren't nutritious enough. 
Habitat: These are from fast flowing habitats and hang out under and in-between rocks. They're from the Rio Orinoco in a relatively shallow area near Puerto Ayacucho. 
They also need an excellent supply of oxygen to match their warmer temperature preference. Lots of air stones and powerheads. 
We recommend a very mature aquarium for these, ideally tanks over 4ft and have been running over a year.
They need a hearty layer of algae, biofilm and microinvertebrates to really thrive.