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L066 King Tiger Pleco - Hypancistrus sp. (Last Adult Male)

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L066 King Tiger Pleco

L066 King Tiger Pleco

(Hypancistrus sp.) 

Wild caught from Brazil

A good sized, active pleco with bundles of personality - they are fun to watch at feeding time and their interactions with each other are very energetic.

Max Adult Size: 15cm 

Temperature Range: 26-30*C

PH Range: 6.0-7.5

Water Hardness: 2 - 15+ dGH

Flow Rate: Not necessary to have high flow but they do enjoy a good amount of oxygen in the water. They are relatively easy to keep in a range of aquarium setups. 

Diet: These are primarily carnivorous and because of this they tend to do well cleaning up the leftovers of any community fish in the tank - sinking pellets, good quality flakes, bloodworms as well as mussels, prawns etc will be appreciated - that's not to say they don't eat algae wafers though and they aren't the worst at eating green algae off the glass. They are plant safe. 

Any problems we treat on a case-by-case basis but you must notify us of any DOA's or problems by midnight on the day the fish are delivered. We will help if you communicate with us.