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Hypostomus sp. (Peru "Golden Eye")

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Care Guide:

Hypostomus sp. 

Wild caught 

Current Size: 10cm 

Max Adult Size: Approx. 25cm
Temperature Range: 21 – 28 C
PH Range: 6.5 – 7.5
°Not plant safe°
Diet: Absolutely amazing glass cleaners, these have great appetites. Grazes on the biofilm and algae around the aquarium and will benefit from wood and other organic structures. They will however be quite happy to take a variety of prepared foods. As a treat, they enjoy green vegetables like courgette. 
We don't recommend feeding them large amounts of protein as their digestive system isn't really equipped to handle it and we often see bloating/"dropsy" issues. 
Habitat Ideally fast flowing, however they are hardy to lower oxygen levels and will only really struggle in very still aquariums. These are well suited to tanks with South American cichlids and will thrive in that sort of hardscape. They're very hardy and should get a good size, and are very easy to keep fed. 
We originally imported these over a year ago from Peru as very small individuals labelled "Yellow Eye Pleco." We were curious and these arrived with some L229 mixed in with them. We believe they could probably be a variant of Hypostomus Plecostomoides (normally found in Colombia) but haven't been able to get a solid ID on these yet as they have a very unique additional gold ring around the outside of the eye which so far doesn't quite match any other Hypostomus we have looked into.