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Super Red Bristlenose Pleco °Pairs°

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These are sold as young pairs. They are F1 German Stock with extremely limited black markings.

All measurements are total length including tail.

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Care Guide:

Super Red Bristlenose Plecos - Pairs

F1 Captive Bred - Exceptional quality 

Max Adult Size: 10 - 16cm (3.9 - 6”) 
Current size: 7 - 9cm+
Temperature Range: 21 – 28 C
PH Range: 6.5 – 7.5
Fine on hard water. 
Diet: Grazes on the biofilm and algae around the aquarium and will benefit from wood and other organic structures. They will however be quite happy to take a variety of prepared foods. As a treat, they enjoy green vegetables like courgette. We don't recommend feeding them large amounts of protein as their digestive system isn't really equipped to handle it and we often see bloating/"dropsy" issues.  
Habitat Ideally fast flowing, however they are hardy to lower oxygen levels and will only really struggle in very still aquariums.
Note: Bristlenoses have very spiky protusions behind their gill plates which they stick out when stressed/fighting. These will get stuck in a net very easily and hurt if they scratch or stab you. Be very cautious while handling.