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L104 Clown Pleco - Panaqolus cf. maccus

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L104 Clown Pleco

Panaqolus cf. maccus

Wild - From Colombia
Size: 4cm+
Max Adult Size: 8 - 10cm 
Temperature Range: 22-30 C
Can tolerate harder water. 
Diet: Panaqolus can't actually digest wood, but instead feast on all the microbes and algae that the wood contains by scooping it out with their specialised teeth and then digesting what they need. The wood is like a sponge. Because of this, they can be quite messy, so good filtration and flow is a must for these. They do much better with wood and leaf litter in the tank. 
They are however very unfussy eaters and will have a munch on just about anything offered - keep it more algae/vegetable based for happy, healthy Clowns.
Habitat: Easy to please, they like to hang out upside down beneath branches and seem to enjoy piles of rounded pebbles. A more natural environment would be tanned and woody - make use of things like seed pods and dried leaves. They do have a tendency to nibble on tender plants, keep them with stuff like Java Fern and Anubias.