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Black Chin Livebearer - Girardinus metallicus

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Black Chin Livebearer

Girardinus metallicus 

Captive Bred - UK

We maintain two separated colonies and swap males out periodically to maintain genetic viability. Fish sold are younger sexed individuals. 

Size: 3cm+ 

Adult Size: 4-5cm+

Temperature: 22 - 26°C

Diet: Prefers more algae in the diet. Frozen and live foods, pellets, flakes and granules. 

Habitat: Aside from needing a good amount of minerals in the water to really do well, they're generally easy to please. They have a relatively small stature which needs to be kept in mind when larger tankmates are concerned. The fry are very small and do best with lots of floating cover, high flow with no areas of respite can stop new ones growing out.